To The Lighthouse

by Marc Pinansky



This is my first solo EP. It is actually largely comprised of my first attempts at a full solo album. Between 1998-99, I made several trips up (or down, depending on where I was living) to The Sound Studio in New Hampshire to work on what was to be a full album, written, played and produced solely by myself. This is 5 of the 13 songs from that album. Well, 4, technically.
The first track, "Strange One," is the only odd ball, as it was initially intended to be on The Zips' first album (which is why it features Sam Presti on drums). With no shortage of material for that Zips album (When It All Began), we decided to leave it off. That was sometime in 1997. I was 19 years-old.
Throughout 1998 my songwriting began to noticeably grow and I began to change - a lot. Having left school to focus on music, by early 1999 I was ready to cherry pick my home 4-tracks and head to the studio to make an album. My bandmates were incredibly supportive, even giving me a days' worth of studio time for my birthday. By the end of 1999 I had 13 songs done.
But by early 2000, having returned to finish school, experiencing another creative milestone, joined a second band, and further coming into my own, I knew that I needed to start my own band (which would be Runner and the Thermodynamics). I was flat broke and no longer sure what to do with this album I had made. I decided to use some of the tracks to make a demo, or EP, as essentially the first Runner EP. I scraped enough money together to mix a handful, what I considered some of the strongest, and included "Strange One," as it was more in keeping with what Runner was going to/would be.
In the end, when it was mastered and in my hand by August 11, 2000, I was again a different songwriter and man. Runner was already together, I was inspired by the group and writing like a madman, and this little demo didn't seem to fit me anymore (although a band version of My Dumbhead would appear on one of our earliest EP's).
Listening back now, I hear myself learning everything on the fly, but also quite confident and earnest. I find it sweet, and ultimately, not far at all from who I still am.


released September 1, 2000

All songs written by Marc Wolfson Pinansky

Produced by Marc Pinansky
Engineered by Gary Agresti
Mastered by Kevin Hogan

Recorded, mixed & mastered at The Sound Studio, Amherst, NH 1997-2000

All instruments: Marc Pinansky
Drums on Strange One: Sam Presti

Cover photo by Melissa Perry



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Marc Pinansky Boston, Massachusetts

Singer-songwriter, producer from Boston. Professional amateur multi-instrumentalist. Leader of The Family Township, The Bored of Health. Home recordist. Grammatical rascal. Speaks cat. Gets more done in a bathrobe than most do in a suit.

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