Robin Egg Blue / Cheer Me Up

by Marc Pinansky



released June 22, 2015

Written, performed, recorded & mixed by MWP at The Whine Cellar




all rights reserved


Marc Pinansky Boston, Massachusetts

Singer-songwriter, producer from Boston. Professional amateur multi-instrumentalist. Leader of The Family Township, The Bored of Health. Home recordist. Grammatical rascal. Speaks cat. Gets more done in a bathrobe than most do in a suit.

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Track Name: Cheer Me Up
Here today and then gone the next
Never really makes much sense
The ones we love and hold so dear
In a moment's breath can just disappear

We rarely get to say goodbye
Try not to take for granted, but forget to try
We're only human I do suppose
We love together but we lose alone, so

Cheer me up
Take my mind off of my misery

One day from now on down the line
I'll kick up some dust and I'll try and find
A piece of you or what used to be
An earthly token of what you mean to me

So come to me and sit by my side
I need to lean and you're the sturdy type
You know the call when to be a friend
And I'll be there in turn when you need to mend, so

Cheer me up
Take my mind off of my misery

Can't make sense of who stays and who leaves
I've just seen a lot and baby it wears on me
We move along a little lower to the ground
Trying to stay close to the source of the sound

Many things make us stronger but this does not
I didn't commit a crime but I sure got caught
You say live for tomorrow and I try to stay true
There's not guarantee it's coming for me or for you, so

Cheer me up
Take my mind off of my misery